Rida Mukhtar's Portfolio


Rida Mukhtar is a musician and Guitarist, he performs solo and freestyles as part of group. Often working for Active Artists Agency performing locally and internationally at exclusive venues and private / corporate parties.

Rida composes original works following specific briefs from multiple agencies and music libraries. Composing music for film, TV, adverts and video game soundtracks

After completing the National Diploma Music course at Blackpool & the Fylde College Rida went on to study at Manchester MIDI School, and qualified in Music Production Diploma and Sound Engineering Diploma.

During the two years Rida was at MIDI School he gained experience working with both analogue and digital mixing desks, FX units, Compressors, synthesisers, MIDI and microphones.

Prior to studying at MIDI School he worked at Blackpool Music Academy teaching Guitar and Music theory.

Rida began playing guitar in 2002, and taught himself by listening to and replicating many different genres. He began learning Spanish compositions and over time picked up funk, soul, rock, metal and blues he even taught himself computer game and film soundtracks. The different styles of guitar are present in all his works. Rida also plays bass guitar and piano to a very high standard.


Rida has been playing live shows for over 10 years in many different bands, he produces his own music finding himself adaptable to any D.A.W or studio and he is constantly composing new works whether they are to be used or not.

Rida is a regular composer for Soundscape Agency UK, see links below.

Soundscape Agency:


Rida says:
"My goal is to continue learning and improving my skills, whether composing or behind the desk. Through the challenges I face I gain knowledge; knowledge gains me skills and these skills are being put to use every single day."